Educational Harry Potter game aimed at 8-11 year olds but suitable for all.

You play as one of the unnamed first years in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, going to class and what not whilst the core plot (of the book) happens off screen.

*If you're struggling to press some of the options, try switching browser or play on a desktop. There seem to be some issues with the screen size on Safari and iPhone.


  • Images - wikicommons and clipart library
  • Transfiguration puzzles - Cognosis board game
  • Griffin story - Grimms Fairy Tales
  • World - JK Rowling. This is fanfic in game form.


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Hey! I'm acesia from Reddit ^^ I found a couple of typos and I thought I'll comment them here! 

Just want to preface that I love what you did with the lore, really well done! 

Comments as below:

1. for the puzzles 3, there are 2 keys that are marked 24. With the answers you gave, the correct answer can be found. but if it were an open ended question, there would be a problem there!

2. Flitwick's section has a typo, the gouge spell section asks for an Incantation (the word incantation is misspelled I think!)

3. For the gouge spell section for Flitwick, did I miss a clue? Or was it meant to be a nod to HP fans who would know what the correct spell is? I had to use all of my guesses to get it right lol. 

4. For Astronomy, i believe all dogs are canines (I chose the dog option, not sure what selecting canine would have given me).

5. For the Great Feast, Dumbledore has a typo in "recalculate". 

Thanks for putting out the game! Its great =)

Thanks for spotting these, I really appreciate it!

1) This was deliberate to make people think about the word being formed ;)

2) Good catch! and again for 5)

3) Yeah, this is a nod to super nerds. If you give it a google you can find it in various compendiums.

4) Again, deliberate to make people/kids think about the wording and their general knowledge. Sirius is often called the 'dog star' - I'm being a little facetious with 'canine' as an option.